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Management Ltd

PAMEROY MANAGEMENT LTD is one of the  world's leading acquirer for financial licenses and operates in the Comoros, Vanuatu*, the Marshall Islands, The Republic of Georgia, the Cook Islands*, Seychelles*, Belize*, St. Vincent and the Grenadines*, Bahamas*, Singapore*, Hong Kong*, Malaysia and Gibraltar*.

The core competences is the establishment of onshore and offshore companies and Free Trade Zone entities and the application for financial licenses and permissions via local regulators, Ministries or Free Zone Managements.

The company can look back on more than 1,000 successfully established projects in 22 jurisdictions and provides a depth knowledge and know-how in licensing, compliance and banking business for future licensees.

Pameroy Management Ltd: Register 88139 (Introduction and billing)
IFLS Corporate Services Ltd: Register  99123
(Corporate Services Activities through partners)

* via affiliated Corporate Services Providers and Lawyers / Solicitors.


We are at home to all continents. Today's focus is on the European Market, especially the German speaking countries. Ongoing tightenings in  regulations and restrictions for the Financial Industry provide excellent chances for more growth and further expansion.


PAMEROY is one of the largest network of consultants and corporate services providers in the field of licensing acquisition for financial entities.

Unlike no other company, PAMEROY is providing personalised services far beyond what is normal in the industry. 

More than 1,000 successful licensing projects give customers and potential incorporators the guarantee that PAMEROY will also deliver for you the highest possible quality under highest standards.


PAMEROY's network is currently present in more than 20 jurisdictions through own offices or via third party affiliates that operate mostly exclusively for the company and PAMEROY's clientele.

Our fast growing market is the German speaking market with focus on Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein and Luxemburg.

The most popular and most requested jurisdiction for corporate setups and licensing undertakings is currently the Republic of Georgia.


All documents, personal data, submitted email correspondence,  information exchange etc. is securely stored at Servers in Singapore, Malaysia and the 4 further juridictions.

All local servers are only accessable by authorized local staff and not connected to the public via internet.


Data protection and safety is the highest priority. 

Apart of passwords, PAMEROY's servers require further pre-checks before being able to access data, such as iris scanning or fingerprint verifications.


PAMEROY's availability is a big argument, why many financial services provider trust us more than any other source.

Being connected via whatsapp, skype, telephone, email and Telegram, PAMEROY is supposed to be the most "talkative" communication partner.

Financial Licensing and corporate setups require a permanent availability. 

PAMEROY MANAGEMENT Ltd guarantees this to every single client from Monday to Friday.


Know-how, skills and depth knowledge in the financial industry is essential to license or setup entities. 

PAMEROY assures that all our staff and team members will serve you with the highest possible professionality.

Soon you will realise that your corporate and licensing expert knows far more than his usual work requires. 

Also legal issues or taxation questions can be answered usually inhouse. It saves time and costs and enables a quick and immediate reacting to possible challenges that can occur for financial entities everywhere and on a daily base 24/7.




PAMEROY's general support is available Monday to Friday from 5am to 1pm CET. We are looking forward to receive your requests and will answer all questions if possible immediately. Chat or talk to us and get a first positive impression. The public holidays of Germany and Singapore apply and may influence our availabilty via email or skype.

+852 8199 9149 

+41 (22) 575 34 63


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Find here your advisor or contact person with the dedicated email. Get in touch now!

Georgia Free Zone / Administration / Partner

Vanuatu Management / Administration / Partner

Cook Islands Administration

Accounting / Billing

Compliance / Legal Department


Sunset in Frankfurt

German Partner Portal

Firmengründungen weltweit, speziell für deutschsprachige Fintech Gründer. Unser Flagschiff.

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English Partner Portal

Company Setups worldwide, especially for the Fintech clientele. Visit our main website.

Pameroy Kazakhstan

Corporate Setups and Legal Services in Kazakhstan for entrpreneurs who wish to offer Forex, Crypto and Payment Processing.



Free Zone Licensing in Georgia. Tax free working in a special environment established on Government decree. Suitable for FX, Crypto and EMI. Provided by IFLS Corporate Services.

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Setup your own Swedish Professional Trustee and manage client funds, process, store and safekeep them. Regulated and properly registered with the Stockholm County Administration Board.

Stockholm Sweden Panorama

Core Competences @ PAMEROY

Corporate Setups

Company formations and corporate setups in more than 20 jurisdictions, e.g. Georgia, Marshall Islands, Malaysia, Singapore, Vanuatu and Laos with:

  • Trust Setups

  • Onshore Setups

  • Offshore Setups

  • IBC & GBC setups

  • Public Listed Companies

  • Limited Partnerships

  • Foundations

  • Funds

Licensing Support

Preparation and launching of applications + liason with the regulators for:

  • PSP & Electronic Money Iss.

  • Asset Management

  • Wealth Management

  • Forex & Securities Dealing

  • Crypto Exchange and Trading

  • ICO Launches

  • Private Bank Formations

  • Hedge Funds Setups

  • Private Equity & Venture Capital licensed entities

Bank Formation Webpage (en)

Please click here

Bank Formation Webpage (de)

Please click here

Banking Facilities

Application and introduction of clients to the big players in the offshore and onshore banking industry:

  • Bank of Georgia PLC

  • TBC Bank PLC

  • Bank of Cyprus

  • HSBC Hong Kong

  • Alfabank Kazakhstan

  • YISAN Bank Kazakhstan

  • Hong Leong Bank Singapore

  • OCBC Bank Singapore

  • Deutsche Bank

  • BBVA Group

On-going Services

Delivery of services to maintain the company in Good Standing and fulfill all requirements according to local laws:

  • Registered Agent Services

  • Registered Office Services

  • License Renewals

  • Free Zone Renewals

  • Acquisition of lawyers, accountants and tax advisors in the company's jurisdictions

  • Compliance Support with banks and providers

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